Compression socks for Nurses - Why they are beneficial?

Compression socks for Nurses - Why they are beneficial?

Nurses work incredibly hard.

Long shifts on their feet for up to 12 hours a day.

They assist doctors, attend to patients needs, talk to families, and comfort families and patients in their time of need.

Nursing is challenging and takes a toll physically, emotionally and mentally. Yet, no matter what nurses are going through, they are there on the frontline doing what they need to do.

True heroes of the medical field, their jobs are essential.

Often by the end each day, nurses suffer with leg and foot pain.

Neglecting pain in your legs and feet can cause varicose and spider veins, swelling and cardiovascular problems. But it does not need to be this way. There is a solution. Compression socks.

So how do compression socks work?

How compression socks work

It is common for nurses to have swollen feet and pain at the end of a busy shift. Wearing compression socks helps the blood vessels work better.

The blood in your veins work against gravity to flow back to the heart.

This results in it pooling in your lower legs and feet. Pooling can cause aching, swelling, tired and sore legs.

Compression socks apply gentle pressure to your legs and ankles so your blood vessels work better. This helps the arteries that carry oxygen-rich blood to muscles relax so the blood circulating in your legs moves freely back up to your heart.

Compression socks prevents blood pooling so it’s harder for clots to form.

Relieves the symptoms of varicose veins

Being on your feet for long periods of time daily can cause varicose veins. Blood pools in your lower extremities causing your veins to twist and enlarge in these areas. Apart from the pain, no one likes the look of varicose veins. But it is not all about vanity. Varicose veins can make your legs tired, heavy, itchy and painful. The last thing you want to do is spend your time off recovering.

Compression socks help to relieve the symptoms and progress of varicose veins forming by managing the pressure in your legs.

They squeeze your legs gently so the blood does not pool in your legs and feet.

Decreases leg fatigue

Wearing compression socks, from the time you begin each shift, can decrease leg fatigue and the heaviness you feel after a long day on your feet nonstop. There is rarely time to sit and rest when an emergency can come through the door at any time.

Nursing is hard work.

Fortunately, compression socks improve blood circulation making it easier for your circulatory system to deliver oxygen to your muscles. This also helps to remove lactic acid from your muscles which can also cause soreness.

Compression socks fuel your system to boost the health of your legs and feet so you are more comfortable working throughout the day.

Reduce swelling – wear compression socks

After a 12-hour shift, swollen legs and feet are almost a guarantee. It adds to the discomfort of working long hours. As if you do not have enough to contend with already as a nurse. Built up fluids in muscle tissues and the pain it causes can impact your ability to do a good job.

It distracts you from respond responding quickly to patients in need of emergency treatment.

Get in to the habit of wearing compression socks.

The graduated compression improves circulation to prevent your feet and legs from swelling. They are tighter around the feet and lower legs which are the areas where swelling occurs most.

Every nurse needs to wear compression socks to make working more comfortable.

Wear compression socks to help recovery

Wear compression socks to relax in after a day spent on your feet to boost muscle recovery. Look after your feet once your shift finishes. Wearing them at home after a long day helps relieve muscle soreness, assist in reducing swelling and improves circulation to your legs and feet.

Compression socks add colour to your day

Compression socks com in fun, bright, funky patterns and colours. You can wear them hidden under your uniform and scrubs. Add some style and personality to jazz up your day.

They increase your mood and express your individuality. Compression socks can be fun and practical at the same time.

Use compression socks daily

Every nurse needs to add compression socks to their daily uniform. They are a tool that makes working long hours daily a little easier. Wearing compression socks keep your legs and feet healthy so you can keep helping others without being in pain yourself.

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