Misconceptions of Compression Socks in 2021

Misconceptions of Compression Socks in 2021

There are many misconceptions and preconceived ideas about compression socks. So if you have never worn them, you may be reluctant to because of the misinformation surrounding them. Now is the time to set the record straight and demystify the old myths.

Difficult to put compression socks on and take off

These days compression socks are more functional than ever before. And they are easy to put on and take off when you use the right techniques. You get into trouble when you try to put them on like any other socks or stockings. This is because they fit the tightest around the ankle and the compression reduces higher up your leg to promote upwards circulation.

To put on compression socks:

  1. Do not gather them into a bunch to put them on.
  2. Take hold of the heel and turn them inside out.
  3. Pull the sock over your heel and ankle and up the calf of your leg.
  4. Adjust the heel so it is in the right position and smooth out any wrinkles.
  5. The top of the socks should be two fingers width from where your knee bends.

To remove compression socks:

  1. Fold them down until you get to your ankle.
  2. Insert your thumb inside the sock and push it down past your heel.
  3. The rest will easily slide off.

You can get different aids to help you put on and take off your compression socks if you need them.

Compression socks cost too much

Compression socks are made of a different materials to perform their intended function. There are lot of different types of compression socks; for example, for medical use, different rates of compression and materials used. Quality, finish, durability and ease of use all contribute to the cost.

Do not let how much they cost turn you off. There are compression socks to suit your budget. And they are durable so should last for a long time.

You only need compression socks for a medical problem

While compression socks help with medical conditions, they are also useful for everyday wear. Their purpose is to promote good circulation while at work or play. Anyone standing or sitting for long periods of time can benefit from wearing compression socks. For example, when traveling confined to a plane for long hours and athletes who spend a lot of time running as part of their sport.

Properly fitting compression socks promotes good circulation rather than cutting it off as some people believe.

Wearing compression socks promotes weight loss

A complete myth. Compression socks cannot help you lose weight and nothing you wear can either. To lose weight, you need a good diet and exercise.

Compression socks are unattractive

In the past compression socks were unattractive but this is not true today. In fact, many compression sock and stocking designs are stylish making them hard to distinguish from normal ones.

Manufacturers make them from a variety of materials such as nylon, cotton, spandex and wool. They come in colourful prints and patterns, and in bright colours. And some are opaque or sheer. There are compression socks for every day wear and medical use.

Modern compression socks are also more functional than in the past. Some socks are antibacterial, reduce odours and some pull moisture away from your skin.

These days no one can tell if you are wearing compression socks just be looking at them.

There is no reason not to buy compression socks. They have many everyday uses that can benefit you while on your feet all day, traveling or playing sport. Give them a try.

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